We've tried so hard,我们曾努力尝试过

And got so far,才得以走到现在

But in the end,但最终才发现

It seem doesn't even matter,一切似乎难以如愿

One thing We don't know why,有件事我们不曾明白

It doesn't even matter how hard we try,无论我们怎样竭尽全力,为什么却仍然于事无补

Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme,在脑海深处,我写下这首词

To explain in due time,以及时的为自己辩解

All I know Time is a valuable thing,我明白时间何等珍贵

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings,跟随着钟摆的摆动,看着时间飞速流去

Watch it count down 'till the end of the day,看着它一点一点倒数,直到一天结束

The clock ticks life away,生命在钟表的滴答声中流逝

I finally said no.我最终说了不

But it's so unreal,但那是如此虚幻不真实

You didn't look out below,让人无法预料

I really want to have a future with you,我真的超想和你有以后的

Watch the time go right out the window,时间正从窗外流走

Trying to hold on but you didn't even know,你不知道,我仍在努力地坚持和等待你的回应

May I should kept everything inside,也许我只能把一切放在心里

Because you not enough to cherish,因为你不够珍惜

And even though I tried,即使我努力过

It all fell apart,也无济于事

What it meant to me will eventually,这一切对我来说

Don`t want to be a memory of a time when,不想最终变成一段往事回忆

I've tried so hard,我曾努力挣扎过

to approximate happy ending infinitely,无限接近美好结局


You cherish the feelings of not easily won one last time...你在最后终于懂得珍惜这份来之不易的感情

maybe happy ending...